Asunoha Ortho

An innovative anti-rheumatic cream which can be used 24 x 7 and at all places.

Almost all conventional anti-rheumatic or pain relieving herbal creams contain a number of anti-inflammatory compounds suspended/dissolved in an oil/paraffin base. They almost always are sticky in nature (do not get dried off) and stain clothes of the patient. As most of the medications in them are pungent/aromatic substances, they almost always are smelly making people around you aware of your sickness.

In contrast,  Asunoha -Ortho is an innovative fragrant water soluble cream which dries off quickly (when applied) leaving no stickiness in the body and never stains clothes. In this, anti-rheumatic compounds from well-known plants such as Amruta, Kokilaksha, Ashwagandha, Bala, Sunthi, Vitex, Castor, and Cotton are dispersed on a hydrocolloid triethanolamine stearate, a well-known antimicrobial used as a medicine in various ear diseases and infections in the USA. It is one of the best emulsifiers and because it can bind both polar and non-polar regions of the skin, it will penetrate the skin deeper, carrying with it all the polar and non-polar compounds of Asunoha-Ortho to the best possible effect.  Because of the emulsifying property, both water-soluble and oil-soluble compounds of the healing herbs are incorporated here, as against the oil-soluble chemicals of other creams. This medication is found to initiate synthesis of collagen as well as synovial fluid in joints.

In addition to antirheumatic herbs, this cream contains herbs like Brahmi, rakthachandan and kuvadio also, the chemicals of which are antimicrobial and heal the skin around the inflammations quickly. The anti-inflammatory chemicals are absorbed within minutes and bring relief instantly. As the active compounds from all these plants are odorless,  a person having this medication applied to his body parts can move incognito even at work places. Free of oily substances, this ointment allows respiration of the skin too. It is provided with a soft amicable fragrance of “white rose”. Therefore it can substitute a cosmetic cream also.

25g. Bottle Asunoha-Ortho costs Rs. 130/-

Asunoha ortho can be used for:

  1. All types of rheumatic afflictions like arthritis, spondylosis, tendonitis etc.
  2. All  types of inflammations
  3. All types of joint pains.
  4. Instant relief from pain and ease of inflammation.
  5. At all times of the day and night and even at workplaces
  6. As a cosmetic cream also.