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The name “Mrunalini” was given to our medicine for sinusitis, to honour Dr. Mrs. Mrunalini Devi Puar, the Late Chancellor of The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda. She was the first person who experimented with this medicine to alleviate her sinus problems. It was way back in 1999, when she came to visit our exhibition in ‘Medicinal Plants’ in Department of Botany, I had shown her two herbs “Parpataka” (Oldenlandia corymbosa) and “Sahadevi” (Vernonia cinerea) which I used for treating sinus troubles of my daughter sheba (Dr. Elizabeth Robin, Asst. Professor, Navarachana University, Baroda). Immediately when I told her that I used extracts of these plants as a medicine for healing Sinusitis for my daughter, she said “I want them, I will be your scapegoat”. I was taken aback by her frankness, though it reflected her belief in me. I then prepared the extract, concentrated, dried and mixed with milk powder to prepare capsules. Within 10 days of taking that medicine, I got a phone call from Madam’s secretary that she got great relief from her problems. Every year before winter I used to prepare about 100 capsules of this medicine and sent her to make her winter days free of breathing problems and nasal congestion. And then after, whenever I meet her, on official occasions or otherwise, she used to ask me to commercialize this medicine as it proved to be the best for her. Since I was in Service, I could not do anything like starting a commercial venture at that time. But when I got retired from University assignments in 2013, I started my pharmaceutical firm Dr. Daniel’s Laboratories, with the active collaboration of some of my students. In the beginning I was busy with manufacturing medicines for chronic problems like diabetes, heart problems, rheumatism etc. In January 2015 Madam Mrunalini Puar passed away and I felt a feeling of guilt for not fulfilling her wish of reaching this medicine to the common man. In May 2015 I called on Madam Subhangini Gaekwad, the present chancellor of M.S. University (and the sister-in- law of Mrunalini madam) and conveyed to her my plan of preparing the sinus medicine and naming the medicine after Mrunalini Madam. As she was familiar with the sufferings of Mrunalini Madam and how my capsules helped her in leading a normal life, She graciously gave me the consent of the royal family for the same. It was madam Subhangini who released this medicine in a National Symposium on Herbal solutions for Sinusitis and Hypertension and their Quality Control, held on 15 th Oct., 2015 at Hans Farm, in Vadodara.

The two plants used in this medicine “Parpataka” and “Sahadevi” are harmless weeds occurring everywhere. But we find difficulty in getting them in large quantities. There are at least 5 plants known as “Parpataka” at different regions of India and we needed Oldenlandia corymbosa only, which alone has the desired medicinal property. Therefore most of the suppliers gave us different plants (which in there region known as Parpataka). We had to request some of the Botany students to help in collecting the botanically correct plant.

Mrunalini is extensively used to treat all cases of sinusitis and the results appear within 3 to 4 days. Blockage of nose, flowing of phlegm (especially in the night) to lungs, foul smelling phlegm etc get cleared within 4-5 days. It is an excellent medicine for fever and cold. Mrunalini increases immunity also. As sinus problems are always associated with allergy, this medicine works great in allergy related problems also.

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