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Prof. (Dr.) M. Daniel, hailing from Kerala (the cradle of Ayurveda), migrated to Gujarat to pursue his Ph. D from the Famous Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda in 1972. His Doctoral thesis was on an interdisciplinary subject of Chemotaxonomy and Phytochemistry for which he was awarded Ph. D in 1976. He joined the Botany Department of M.S University in 1975 as an assistant Lecturer. He became a Reader in 1987 and Professor in 1995. He was appointed as Head of this Dept in 2003 and Dean, Faculty of Science in 2008. He retired from University assignments in 2012 and established “Dr. Daniel’s Laboratories”, to pursue his dream of creating an Independent research Institution with the help of his student, Mr. Sachin G. Patel.

Treating for Sinusitis

The Royal way of treating Sinusitis: Mrunalini

The name “Mrunalini” was given to our medicine for sinusitis, to honour Dr. Mrs. Mrunalini Devi Puar, the Late Chancellor of The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda. She was the first person who experimented with this medicine to alleviate her sinus problems. It was way back in 1999, when she came to visit our exhibition in ‘Medicinal Plants’ in Department of Botany, I had shown her two herbs “Parpataka” (Oldenlandia corymbosa) and “Sahadevi” (Vernonia cinerea) which I used for treating sinus troubles of my daughter sheba (Dr. Elizabeth Robin, Asst. Professor, Navarachana University, Baroda).