The perfect formulation to rejuvenate hair follicles and sustain hair growth genetically and biochemically

Hair growth and sustenance are intriguing intrinsic phenomena involving complex reactions taking place in both hair follicle and underlying skin. The hair follicle is a composite organ due to dual origin from both mesenchymal and epithelial tissues. From early stages, the hair follicle life-cycle is controlled by the interaction between mesenchymal and epithelial compartments of the skin. It is the only organ which can oscillate repeatedly between phases of active fiber production (anagen-regenerative phase) and resting phase (telogen-regression phase).

The hair follicle is richly intercalated by sensory and autonomic nerve fibers and its regeneration depends on the activation of stem cells situated in two distinct reservoirs located in the upper and lower thirds of the follicle.   During the active steady state, hair fiber production results from a finely, timely, and spatially tuned choreography of gene expression, which is highly sensitive to stimulatory and inhibitory signals such as cytokines, neuropeptides, hormones, prostaglandins, and growth factors. Moreover, the human hair follicle is dependent on a good supply of arginine, polyamines, and glucose for growth, and an autonomous androgen metabolism as well as a specific immunological response. The growth is stimulated by proteoglycans which act as growth factors. As the brain is closer to hairs of the head, stress is an important phenomenon tilting the balance of hair growth, as also external influences like the microbial and parasitic attack.

Looking into the highly complex and intriguing mechanism of hair growth, Oleomane is designed to improve structure and function of both hair follicles and the skin beneath them. It stimulates the hair fiber production by activating the stem cells (due to the action of Bala, Amruta, and Manjishta) and provides phytochemicals which act as signals (present in Bel and Vijayasar)  and other functions. Brahmi and Vacha contain neurogenerative chemicals which support sensory and autonomic nerve fibers. Neem and Vitex contain the best antimicrobials which inhibit the microbes and parasites inhabiting the skin. Manjishta helps in restructuring microcirculation and thus enhances richly oxygenated blood supply. Amla and Aloe improve the immunological responses needed for hair growth. Neel and Bhringaraj help in synthesizing eumelanin and pheomelanin needed for the black colour of hairs.

Thus Oleomane is a composite product which;  1) initiates the gene expression of anagen phase of the hair follicle, 2) provides good supply of stimulatory signal factors, 3)  nourishes the skin with phytochemicals like arginine, polyamines, antioxidants,  proteoglycans and immunostimulants, 4) keeps fungi, microbes and parasites at bay and 5)sustain the growth and colour of hairs.

Oleomane gives a great promise of

  1. Stopping hair fall within 3-4 days,
  2. Rejuvenating all hair follicles (including dysfunctional old) to initiate new black hairs,
  3. Making hair thick and lustrous,
  4. Removing dandruff and infections in the head,
  5. Giving a deep cooling effect on the head,
  6. Giving immunity from cold and fever, And  Not the least
  7. Darkening  mustache, beard and eyelashes of men