Our vision is to provide high quality and trustworthy Ayurvedic/herbal medicines to the needy throughout the world and to bring India to the top of world as a Herbal Giant.. About 80% of the world population depends on plants for their health needs. The life threatening side effects of allopathic/synthetic drugs and their rampant misuse (prescribed in cases even where they were not needed urgently, mostly as a precaution) are reasons of great concern to those who believe in them. In cases of chronic diseases, the drugs are to be administered life long. Therefore the alternative system of herbal therapy is the need of the hour. But our herbal manufacturers especially in India are ill-equipped to meet the challenges of the society and therefore are not in a position rise up to the international standards. A large number of medicines in the market do not provide results. This is due to the selection of wrong herbs, raw materials rich in adulterants, substitutes and microbes, improper extraction methods and a poor knowledge of the healing processes in the body. If we want to get result oriented  medicines we need to get genuine (original) plat materials collected at the proper time (when they are chemically rich), properly  stored (so that microbial contamination is avoided), extracted properly (to get the maximum amount of active principles) and combined in optimum formulations.

Similar to the balanced food we take, we need a balanced medicine to repair the impaired systems of our body. An ailment (disorder) in the body derails a number of coordinated processes. The allopathic system looks at a disease in isolation, and treats only that process leaving behind other systems disturbed by the impaired process. That is why a person becomes weak after an allopathic treatment. In Ayurveda/herbal system, an extract of the drug plants contains the active principles and a large number of additional phytochemicals, which have curative action on other systems. And that is why a medicinal plant is said to possess a number of pharmacological properties. Almost all plant extracts contain analgesics, anti-inflammatory compounds, antimicrobials and antioxidants, just like our food contains carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, vitamins, minerals etc. And that is the reason why a man comes out healthier after a herbal/Ayurvedic treatment.